Friday, 9 May 2014

Support for ecigs from all sides

I can't think of any other product that gets support from both sides of the fence

Pro Cig group backs ecigs

"Banning e-cigarettes in non-smoking environments makes no sense because the product is very different to a real cigarette. There's no combustion, no smoke, and no evidence that vaping encourages anyone to start smoking."

Anti cig group back ecigs

There is little real-world evidence of harm from e-cigarettes to date, especially in comparison to
• E-cigarettes are used by both smokers and ex-smokers, but there is little evidence of use by
those who have never smoked or by children.
• ASH supports regulation to ensure the safety and reliability of e-cigarettes but, in the absence
of harm to bystanders, does not consider it appropriate to include e-cigarettes under smokefree

So who was it who wants them banned exactly?

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