Friday, 2 May 2014

I just wanted to write down what I see happening with regard to Vaping and E-ciggs

What has happened.

As far as I can see this is the story so far that is undisputable
  • A new method of getting nicotine into addicts was developed that took out all of the more harmful toxins associated with cigarettes.
  • This new methods significantly reduces the harm to the individual and to anybody in the vacinity of the participant. The degree to which harm is reduced is still open to debate but I believe that EVERYONE accepts harm is reduced over smoking.
  • Smokers began to find and prefer the options and flavours on offer through vaping.
  • The burgeoning industry was largely unregulated using 'word of mouth' and trust to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to reputable and irreputable e-liquid dealers.
  • Big Tobacco began to take an interest as their profits began to fall
  • Big Pharamceutical began to take an interest as their profits (on cancer meds and quit smoking aids) began to fall
  • Governments began to take an interest as their taxes on cigarettes began to fall
  • Legislation started to be introduced essentially associating vaping with smoking in most cases and seeking to restrict or ban vaping.

From what I can see (my interpretation alone)
  • The majority of people making decisions on this have never tried vaping and only know what reports tell them.
  • Reports can tell them whatever they want to hear.
  • The majority of early reports that got to Government were (ahem) 'sponsored' by Tobacco companies or Pharma
  • Governments are only concerned with getting tax revenue and not the health and well being of its public. It is not in their interest to 'promote' vaping.
  • The existing methods to quit smoking (patches/sprays/gum) don't work for the majority
  • Pharma and Tobacco are concerned with profits.

It's the same argument as electric cars. We all know they are better for the environment and should be encouraged and potentially mandatory in our lifetime but it works against Government revenue and car manufacturer profitability so 'progress' is slowed to a crawl (like most electric cars)

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