Wednesday, 21 January 2015

New Year, Same Story

I'm still here. I just haven't written anything because nothing has changed.

We are still getting the same twisted precautionary principle arguments trotted out even though they have been entirely proved fruitless.

My local hospital has grouped vaping in with smoking and banned both from their campus and furthermore are seeking to prosecute anyone who is caught 'smoking'.

In the real world everyone still vapes in the hospital including nurses.

Vaping is still banned at work and I continue to vape at my desk without even a comment.

What I have done is swap emails with the famed Prof Glantz to try to understand his psychology. It is quite fascinating. I equate it to a puppy with a length of rope. He has hold of the rope and he'll be damned if he's letting go. If he wasn't killing people I would feel sorry for him.

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